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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and get new quests and lots of gift boosters!

Have you already befriended the fluffy void creature? Now it grants XP points whenever you catch it. Moreover, since this update needn't wait for the flowers to bloom to get XP and gold.

And, finally, thank you for your feedback and keep on travelling the Twisted Worlds.


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Welcome the new free-to-play hidden object game Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds. Play with your friends absolutely free, explore whimsical hidden object locations in two dimensions and save the day!


- Unparalleled time travel to save the world
- Breathtaking cutscenes, animations and HOS visuals
- 3 seek and find modes: hidden letters, numbers and symbols
- Real and magic worlds to explore
- A must for sci-fi geeks, history buffs and hidden object games fans!

Once every few centuries real and magic worlds collide. Now you must start the time machine and find hidden objects associated with the core events of the passed years to reconstruct the world chronology. Beware! The brink between the two worlds has become too vague, so, no one could predict what reality you end up at your next time leap. Any seek-and-find location may appear in its true or mystic perspective, while the item list is presented as either letters, numbers or symbols. Cleverly hidden on the scene, they are scattered randomly each time you enter the location, providing limitless i-spy experience.

As you journey to the past, you will collect souvenirs from each year you come to be in order to complete different tasks and earn experience points. As you progress through the storyline, you will witness the development of the modern civilization in its various aspects – science, technology, philosophy, politics, art and more. Each collection you complete displays the evolution of a particular instrument of human culture and make an assumption of its further advance.

It’s time for the quest of your life! Find yourself in a twisted reality, search for hidden symbols, decipher the meaning of the secret numbers and open the gate to the future in this breathtaking sci-fi adventure game!


Saving the world on your own is a difficult task. Why not ask your friends to lend a helping hand? So, if they like to play free seek-and-find games, be sure to invite them to Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds.

Don’t miss the chance to exchange collectible items, send and receive free gifts and enjoy special promotions. The more Facebook or Google+ friends join the game, the more generous reward awaits you. More than that, every accepted invitation brings you precious crystals!


Do you know when the first book was printed? Who was actually the first European to see Americas? Where the first hotel with central heating and hot water supply opened? What influential work on Mathematics was written in verse?

While you restore various events of the common era, you will discover lots of curious facts about every aspect of our life. Is it technology, science or philosophy that makes civilization evolve? Decide yourself as you assemble dozens of thematic collections, that reveal the evolution of utensils, vessels, clothes, sources of information, etc.