Once every few centuries real and fantasy worlds collide. Now you must start the time machine and find hidden objects associated with the core events of the passed years to reconstruct the world chronology. Beware! The brink between the two worlds has become too vague, so, no one could predict what reality you end up at your next time leap.

Find yourself in a twisted reality, search for hidden symbols, learn curious historical facts and open the gate to the future in this breathtaking sci-fi adventure game!


In each time travel you have to explore a hidden object scene (HOS) and find numbers, letters or symbols mentioned in your item list within certain time frame. The item mode and affecting anomalies are displayed on your dashboard before entering a location.


Your quests are displayed on the left of your control panel. Apart of particular years to restore, they may include special challenges (e.g. exploring a HOS under certain anomalies, in blitz or night mode, etc.) Find next item in 3 seconds to get combo multiplier.


Hints help you complete a HOS in timely manner in order not to lose the spent energy in vain.

Fireball points to a random item.

Chaos Magic reveals up to 5 hidden objects.

Green Clock freezes the timer for 40 seconds.

Magic Lens illuminates a hovered item.


These charms optimize your efforts during the time travels. They may boost your finding chances, gained coins and XP points.


Energy is spent for time travels. Exploring a location affected by some anomaly may require extra energy. Energy bar recharges with time, but energy boosters help restore it quicker. Besides the bar refills whenever you achieve next XP level.


Apart of quest items, you may discover collectibles representing various aspects of human civilization. Exchanging collections brings you XP points and gold but require special chargers. As you friends to send you a missing collectible and send them in return.


Each location may open in real or fantasy view. More of them are unlocked as you achieve higher experience level.


Anomalies enrich your seek-and-find experience. Completing a HOS becomes more challenging but lets you earn more gold and XP points.


Saving the world or two is energy-consuming. Your kitchen is the place to prepare energy boosters from the gathered ingredients.

Inventory & Store

All souvenirs brought from your time travels are kept in your backpack. If your lack artifacts to open new locations, hints, amulets or other useful items, you may purchase them for coins or crystals.

Coins & Crystals

All your game efforts are rewarded with gold coins and crystals. Coins are earned for exploring HOS, completing quests, exchanging collections, etc. Crystals are credited whenever a new XP level is achieved or another friend joins you in this adventure. Both types of virtual currency can also be bought for real money.


Selfless world savers surely deserve some perks. Daily Bonus is your guaranteed reward for daily play. Moreover, for every 5 quests completed you get a scratch card - your chance to win extra crystals, amulets and energy boosters.

Adding Friends

Playing together is real fun. Check it yourself! Invite your Facebook and Google+ friends to join Twisted Worlds, get crystals for every invitation accepted and start exchanging collectibles and sending free daily gifts. Track your results in weekly leaderboards and earn achievements for remarkable success.

Reinstalling the Game

Please, mind that your game progress, including XP level, acquired collectibles and inventory items, is stored on your device. If you decide to uninstall the game, it will be lost once for all. Thus, if you run into an issue that interferes with further gameplay, please, contact our support team.


If you still have any questions or require technical support, don’t hesitate to email us at twistedworlds@absolutist.com or simply tap Feedback button in the game Settings.